Health & Safety

If one of our team were to have an accident on your property, the work stops and the project may get delayed - we want to avoid this.

At Linwood Contracting we take health & safety very seriously on your site - whether we're building a retaining wall in your backyard, or working on State Highway 1.

As accredited members of Site Safe, we care about our employees safety and believe that workplace injuries are avoidable.

That's why we take safety precautions on-site, and provide all staff and contractors with all the information, training and supervision they require.

See more detail about our processes below.
site safety2
Safety meetings
We undertake regular site safety meetings on all of our sites to make sure that every member of the team is always up-to-date with our latest safety procedures, and takes care with how they work on site.
Hazard identification
Any specific hazards on a new site are identified and safety measures put in place to work safely around them.
Safer machinery
We use modern equipment, vehicles and other machinery which not only does the job faster, but is also safer to operate.
Trusted contractors
We only employ sub-contractors who we know and trust, and make sure that they know our health & safety procedures inside and out, before starting work.

At the end of the day, we want to avoid any workplace injuries and make sure that we complete your job on time.